Kaminska Officiates the Return of the Bitcoin Bull

izabella kamiska ft alphavile editor

Bitcoin has been rising and like clockwork, Izabella Kaminska (pictured) of FT is back at raging about it. In a most ludicrous editorial – insert Trump accent – perhaps ever, she goes on to explain ostensibly very seriously how bitcoin and QAnon are the same. Calling bitcoin rat poison failed, worthless, not backed by nuffin, ponzi, pyramid, criminal, reeeeeeee…, all failed. So they’re now trying calling it whatever is the new hot dislike. Kaminska says: “Bitcoin is focused on the idea that the financial system is a corrupt intermediary whose true agenda is to control of the money supply, and further its own empowerment. QAnon is predicated on the [suggestion] that the government, and all other notable institutions, have been infiltrated by untrustworthy elements whose true agenda is their own empowerment at the cost of the people’s.” Just who is this QAnon is not very clear with Google, as is…

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