Just One Client Dominates Ethereum 2.0 Testnet

prysm eth2.0 testnet oct 2020

The ethereum 2.0 Medalla testnet has five node clients, but just one of them is being used by the vast majority of nodes. Despite a week long network crash in August due to a small bug in Prysm, that client is still being used by some 60% of the network. That’s way more than enough to take the whole thing down as knocking off only 33% of the nodes is sufficient to prevent ethereum 2.0 from finalizing. Once the network can not finalize, it effectively stops working, something that would cause chaos in a live ethereum network that holds some $11 billion in defi. The second most popular client is Lighthouse with just 36 nodes out of 155, making it 23% according to our own research based on eth2stats. If this client goes down there could be problems, but not fully critical problems like were anything to be exploited in…

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