Just 10% Deposit to Stake on Ethereum 2.0

ethereum 2.0 staking minimum deposits nov 12 2020

Just above 10% of the required minimum amount has been deposited to stake on ethereum 2.0 as of writing. Some 58,529 eth, worth $27 million, has been deposited out of a required 524,288 eth or about $240 million at the current price. That’s some eight days after the deposit contract officially launched, with just about a week and a half left to go until the earliest time the eth 2.0 genesis block can go live on December 1st. Devs have entered a requirement for the minimum amount to be met seven days before the genesis block automatically goes live, meaning the earliest that the minimum amount can meaningfully be met is 24th of November. If it goes at this rate, by then there would probably be just 150,000 eth, far less than the 500,000 required. The contract then is rolling, with just the minimum eth amount required for the genesis…

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