Is Vitalik Buterin Proving Satoshi Nakamoto Right?

vitalik oct 2019

Vitalik Buterin, ethereum’s co-founder, has been on a roll recently, publishing a number of proposals on ethereum 2.0. How to simplify it, how to smooth sharding “connections,” how to transition from eth 1.0, and how the system will look overall. The simplified specification is now out, with the design looking quite different from universes that somehow had to be connected together, to shards being more a neighborhood that share the same road or bus service. “Every shard A maintains in its state, for every other shard B, two values: (i) the nonce of the next receipt that will be sent from A to B, and (ii) the nonce of the next receipt that will be received from B to A,” Buterin said. Translated that means more resources are now required to run a node because that shared data aspect is now a bit less sharded. That’s presumably because they couldn’t…

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