Is Bitcoin Really Land?

land abstract

So it’s happening huh? Bitcoin is now at $17,000 and no one bats an eye. Do they even know? Gulag says nobudeh cares. It’s just bitcoin doing bitcoin things – the world probably. Meh $17k, wake me up at 300k – also the world. They’re not wrong. It don’t feel like nuthing. Just one feels compelled to open a beer and drink to edge of 17. Because bitcoin has been here before. There’s no wow. There’s more, can this do a house? Well, let’s do the maths. Where shall we start… $6,000? $12,000, $24,000, $48,000, $90,000… Guess the answer is depends what kind of house. At $180,000, you can probably get a nice palace in Albania or a cubicle in Landan. So go benia? Or more correctly: Occupy, occupy the new land. Just like some of our ancestors went to occupy the plentiful lush fields of America, so too some…

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