Infineon Enters Blockchain Market with Ethereum Hardware

infineon hq

German based semiconductor Infineon has entered the blockchain market with a solution to prevent goods fraud through an NFC based hardware that connects to the ethereum, bitcoin, and/or other blockchains. “SECORA Blockchain combines a tiny crypotochip with a radio antenna in a flat housing with a total thickness of max. 300µm,” they say, further adding: “It can be attached barely visible behind a label or on the product itself and is hence easy to integrate. As a hardware-based solution SECORA Blockchain has a decisive advantage over other blockchain access options: It is protected against both hardware- and software-based attacks. Another essential advantage: SECORA Blockchain can encrypt data and signatures with a private key. The product with integrated chip can thus directly and easily establish a connection to the corresponding blockchain entry with an NFC-enabled mobile device. The signature key, which authenticates the identity of the product, is not generated on…

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