Guy Makes $45,000 with Ethereum Flashloan

flashloan arbitrage 45000 profit aug 2020

A $100,000 purchase of ethereum was turned into $145,000 and all with zero capital on the part of the one who did it. The coder instead just utilized available liquidity provided by complete strangers, and through addressing market inefficiencies, made what is for many more than two years worth of salary. It’s not clear what’s going on here with these self-destructs, with it appearing to be some sort of fallback loop by probably a bot that is perhaps destroying some part of its set-up perhaps because it failed. There’s now a Flashloans Box that apparently gives you all you need to start coding these things, but the rest of what’s happening there is somewhat simple. This guy asked the ethereum network to order dYdX to temporarily account to him from its assets under management some 95,000 centralized tokenized dollars in USDc, with the person himself adding about 5,000 which maybe…

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