German Greens Talk Bitcoin in Their Manifesto

annalena baerbock german greens

The most important election since the founding of the European Union is to be held this September as Angela Dorothea Merkel, one of the longest ruling elected politician, steps down. It’s the end of an era in many ways and very much the beginning of a new one with a once weak Germany now feeling confident. It is also in some ways the end of a generation, with this election likely to be the first in Germany that will probably be decided more by the millennials than the baby boomers. And thus a fresh face seems to be rising, Annalena Baerbock (pictured with our own added bitcoin) who is currently the co-leader of the German Greens. The Greens there are to decide this month which of their co-leaders will be Chancellor if they win. Baerbock leads, with the general opinion being that she will be nominated, although of course one…

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