Geopolitics Channel Caspian Report Gets Hacked For ETH

caspian report hacked for eth aug 2020

Caspian Report, an Azerbaijani based Youtube channel with some 600,000 subscribers that focuses on geopolitical analysis has been hacked. It’s unclear how they took control, but they used it to broadcast a fake ‘livestream’ of an ethereum conference which they wrapped up in scammy ‘giveaways.’ The event itself did happen and the video is real, but it’s an old video and obviously there were no giveaways, with this being a typical scam of send 1 eth and they send 2 back, except they don’t send anything back at all. The channel itself, Caspian Report, has nothing to do with cryptos but with that title of ETH 2.0 Halvening 2020, and live, you can be sure plenty would have wondered what on earth is this. Some were commenting online that this was some sort of bitcoin scam, with ethereum obviously not having any halvings. At the top then we have the…

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