Gab Promotes Bitcoin as the Platform is Swamped After Trump Ban

gab bitcoin

Gab is experiencing a natural DDoS attack amid an exodus with the platform stating some 500,000 users had joined in a day as the site sees 18 million visits. “The traffic just keeps growing hang tight, even more servers on the way today,” Gab CEO Andrew Torba said on Saturday. The platform runs its own servers and has managed to get an unbannable mobile app through Mastodon. As Parler is banned from Google, Amazon, Apple, their lawyers, email and text service providers, conservatives – that are so confused they downloading a porny app called Parlor – might be left with little choice but to try Gab. Unlike Parler, Gab doesn’t have mainstream services like Amazon cloud because they were banned of everything back in 2018, including from payment processors. They adopted bitcoin, and thus in this crucial time for the platform when it may well rise to be a real…

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