Europol Publishes Glamorous Advert For Bitcoin Wallet Wasabi

wasabi wallet lead developer nopara73

Wasabi is “the most convenient and secure way to mix bitcoins” says Europol. It’s a „decentralized” bitcoin mixer and a very effective one “with many privacy focused options,” they say. They claim generally they are unable to de-obfuscate transactions. That they are not required to apply AML measures, and therefore presumably it’s a fully legal service. And they are unable to seize any of these coins because Wasabi does not hold them. The user has „complete control” of the private keys, they say. We could seize the site, Europol says, but IP logs would be „worthless” as they use „TOR by default.” Unlike trash wallets that reveal your IP address when asking full nodes – which are run mostly by us or our partners, Europol effectively said – Wasabi downloads the whole block so Europol has no clue what address they interested in because a a block usually has thousands…

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