Europe on the Brink of a Direct Democracy Revolution as Di Maio Enters the Yellow Vests Fray

Italy’s deputy prime minister, Luigi Di Maio, has stated he will meet yellow vests “leaders” to form a European Parliamentary alliance in a push for direct democracy. “I am creating an alternative European parliamentary group to the right and the left and I am involving all those movements that believe in direct democracy,” Di Maio said while speaking to Italy’s Rai Radio 1. The 32 years old rose as the figurehead of the internet born 5 stars movement which decimated the established left and right politics in favor of an online platform where people suggest laws, vote candidates, and hold discussions. The primary demand of the yellow vests is something similar. They want Swiss style direct democracy where citizens can propose laws which are then voted by all in binding referendums. Some point out Hitler consolidated his power through bogus referendums, so there would have to be a council which…

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