Ethereum’s Ratio Rises Against Bitcoin

bitcoin ethereum

Ethereum has been rising against bitcoin recently, up from around ₿0.018 at the end of last month to a recent high of ₿0.0206. Currently it is trading at around ₿0.0203, with ethereum gaining against bitcoin and thus gaining more in price. Ethereum has reached $190 today, up by close to 2%, while bitcoin has risen a bit too, but at just 0.5%. That might suggest there’s a new maybe mini-altseason brewing, or it could also be the beginning of a full blown alts parade. If it does, then it would probably be because bitcoin’s market share is a bit too high at 67%. There’s of course plenty of reasons why bitcoin gets much attention, but there’s at least one reason why other coins should too: That’s quite a chart that shows somewhat clearly the suggested fee model under constrained blocks has failed. According to this chart, on the 22nd of…

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