Ethereum’s Ratio at Massive Resistance, Will it Flippening?

ethereum bitcoin resistance july 2020

Ethereum is banging against the biggest resistance ever with it mooning to near flippening the last time it took it. For some time now eth has been raging at 0.026 bitcoin, a level it has been trying to take for much of this year. It was about to do so before the March lockdown, with the question now being whether eth will continue where it left off? In the zoomed in one hourly candles, ethereum has been gaining in value for much of this month. This price action in the ratio in fact led to the capitulation of some bitcoin maxis, who after shorting eth for years are now buying some. The 0.03 level will be another big test for eth, with 0.04 an even bigger one. Thereafter, flippening of course would be the biggest resistance of them all. November is set to be a big month. Studies have found…

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