Ethereum’s Market Cap Now Only 1% of Collectable Art, Bitcoin Not Even 10%

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Ethereum has fallen so much over the past two and a half years that it now accounts for just 1.5% of art assets. The world computer that is trying to natively digitize banking and money currently has a market cap of just $26 billion, less than Snapchat. While collectable art has a market cap of magnitudes more according to Masterworks, a platform that aims to increase access to art investments. “Astonishingly, the aggregate market cap of cryptocurrencies is remarkably small,” they say before further adding: “Comparatively, art collectors hold more than $1.7 trillion in art assets or roughly 6% of their global net worth and nearly 9 times the size of the entire crypto market.” Bitcoin has just risen to $170 billion, making it 10% of art assets as an investment class, showing how the crypto field is still tiny even compared to frontier asset classes like art. That’s despite…

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