Ethereum to Increase the Blocksize by 8x

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Ethereum is partially addressing the many complexities of sharding by simply increasing the blocksize from the equivalent of about 1MB every ten minutes, to circa 8MB. Danny Ryan, the ethereum 2.0 coordinator, publicly said: “We are making the blocks bigger based on recent research on safe block size and propagation times, so the data availability of the system is still > 1MB/s so you can still get similar scalability gains when doing things like ZKrollup and OVM.” ZK rollups are a hybrid scaling method that combines on-chain security and second layer networks through smart contracts and zero knowledge methods. OVM is the Optimistic Virtual Machine from Plasma, with both being more sort of on top of ethereum’s public blockchain. The blockchain itself is to be sharded with each shard, very simplistically said, being kind of like the current ethereum network. There were meant to be 1024 shards, meaning capacity would…

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