Ethereum Takes $3,500

ethereum price may 4 2021 1

Ethereum is up about $500 in the past 24 hours, reaching a new all time high above $3,500 with it to be seen whether that too is another temporary high. That’s because the currency has been very bullish, and to the surprise of some, has survived a war-ing night. Shanghai woke up in a mood as you can see above where it says 4, at which point many bulls really wanted that may force as bears charged at 12am UTC. At first gently, down from $3455 to a brief $3340 with it up again to $3420. At which point we get a very fast vruu downwards with tradingview crashing while Coinbase was dropping by jumps of ten dollas. This thing went in precisely four minutes from $3390 to $3207 before quickly jumping first to $3270 and then a local peak of $3320. At that point you either were rekt or…

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