Ethereum Surpasses $2,700

ethereum price april 28 2021

Ethereum has risen above $2,700 for the first time, with it currently trading at $2725 as the currency reaches a new all time high. Its trading volumes have ballooned to $33 billion, nearing bitcoin’s $47 billion as eth takes the crypto show. Its ratio is now nearing 0.05 bitcoin per eth for the first time since August 2018, almost three years ago. The immediate catalyst for this bullishness appears to be a capacity increase of about 20% following an upgrade earlier this month that improved gas calculations. It looks like that took the market by surprise because everyone had forgotten about this upgrade and what it was meant to do. The improvement in capacity, therefore, and the lower transaction fees that came with it, had not been priced in. In addition, its timing could not be better narration wise. Just as Cardano was loosing luster and other eth killers, including…

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