Ethereum Struggles While Bitcoin Rises

ethereum bitcoin price nov 2020

Ethereum has lost nearly half of its value against bitcoin with the ratio dropping from 0.041 BTC per eth to now 0.027 as pictured above. The ratio has been dropping since at least September when the defi boom gave way. Some stability until mid October, however, has given way to a speedier fall in the ratio, especially during this month. That’s while bitcoin has been making gains, just about crossing $15,000 some six months after the halvening. The cryptocurrency has drawn the attention of big investors, like publicly traded companies and hedge funds, as well as of states like Iran which might be using it for international trade. Its fixed limit moreover makes it especially appealing during these times of mass money printing across the wealthy western world. Yet ethereum usually tends to keep up, but it has risen only 5% this week, while bitcoin has gained 15%. Some delay…

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