Ethereum Smart Contract Launches Near All Time High

ethereum smart contracts near all time high sep 2020

Close to 300 smart contracts are now being launched on ethereum everyday, up from 50 or so just two months ago. 292 contracts were launched on the 9th of September, just one short of the all time high reached in July 2018 as pictured above. All suggesting there has been a significant increase in using ethereum’s functionality during this summer. Much of it probably due to financial dapps with many of them very new in a nascent and rapidly developing field where billion dollar businesses can be built with just one eth. Demand for smart contract auditors is now apparently so high they’re booked for months indicating there’s a skills shortage. The good news is gaining such code based money making skills costs nothing save for time as there are plenty of tutorials online and one can always play on the testnets. It’s not clear however whether universities have began…

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