Ethereum Searches Reach All Time High

eth art jan 14 2021

Searches for ethereum have reached all time high for the first time in more than three years as interest in the world computer increases. The last peak in December 2017 is now at 80 out of the new 100 established this week. Meaning interest in eth is now 20% higher than during its all time high when it was trading at $1,420. China quite curiously seems to be showing considerable interest, at a relative 53 globally out of a 100 peak. USA by comparison is at 26. As is Germany, which is showing the most interest in Europe out of smaller countries like Slovenia’s 65 or Austria’s 41. Within the United States itself, ethereum searches have also just about passed all time high. California and New York lead as you might expect due to eth being the code intersection of finance and technology. It’s not clear whether these searches are…

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