Ethereum Rollups Are “The Only Choice” For Scalability Says Vitalik Buterin

vitalik buterin sep 2020

Ethereum has only one choice to scale, rollups, according to Vitalik Buterin, ethereum’s co-founder. “In the short term, I just don’t see rollups as being one choice among many things; I see them as being the only choice,” he said, adding: “It’s basically either (i) rollups or (ii) trusted sidechains, and trusted sidechains are a big betrayal of ethereum values, so…..” Following a proposal of phase 1.5 and done, the ethereum ecosystem has been debating what that might mean, but Buterin says that can be decided later while implying phase 2 of ethereum 2.0 is perhaps not the best way forward: “The rollup-centric roadmap is fully compatible with switching to enshrining some execution model at base layer in the future. We’re not really sacrificing the opportunity to take the base-layer-execution path by taking the rollup path; indeed, phase 1 (which is just naturally really convenient for rollups) was already a…

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