Ethereum Rises to All Time High

ethereum price april 2 2021

Ethereum has risen to an all time high of $2080 at the time of writing, up from its previous all time high of $2050 in February. That follows stock futures indicating a new all time high for the S&P 500 and Dow Jones indexes on numerous positive economic data. Bitcoin has been lagging on the other hand, stuck at $59,500 as it consolidates ahead of a potential retake of $60,000. Ethereum began gaining on bitcoin on the 31st of March, with it continuing its gains today to now 0.035 btc per eth. That coincides with Newsnight becoming the first mainstream program to mention ethereum in the context of NFTs. Until that point ethereans had to listen to media describing NFTs as running on a bitcoin-like blockchain, but perhaps that is changing, albeit very slowly. The boom in NFTs itself is probably one big reason for this rise in eth, as…

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