Ethereum Rises as Hex Goes Heck Up

ethereum based hex pumps like mad april 2020

Ethereum has been rising quite a bit more than bitcoin for the past few days, up 6.3% at the time of writing compared to bitcoin’s 3.7%. It wasn’t quite clear why until now, but it appears the sole reason might be an ERC20 token called Hex. Very uniquely among cryptos or tokens, Hex has an affiliate program facilitating its wide shilling that has been going on for quite some months in a disguised manner. Usually shills point out some feature or why something is good. Hex shills however froth at their mouth about RICHARD HEART and how he is A SCAMMER. Anger sells, clearly. Outraged shills day in and day out point to this ree or that ree that was done or may have been done or could have been done by RICHARD HEART. The thing is, they’re actually right this is a scam, making it all so utterly cute…

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