Ethereum Returns to the Pre-Defi Price

ethereum price sep 7 2020

Defi givth, Defi takth away. Just as the beginning of yield farming unleashed much bullishness in eth, so too now it has unleashed a bit of coolness with defi probably still hot, but not burning hot. The days of crazy growth with assets under management doubling by the week are probably over, at least for now. The network just can’t handle it and without new liquidity, the game of chairs of tokens on top of tokens all the way down presumably at some point has to pause to leave someone without a chair. At fees of $20 per transaction or $500 for dapp devs to call some function, you can still play with big sums but big sums don’t usually take risky bets. That’s the fish, or the sushis. So, is this it? For now, probably, at least where as it was is concerned. Many people have seen now just…

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