Ethereum Nears $400

astraunats splashdawn nasa spacex aug 2 2020

Ethereum is up by 7% today on increasing unfiltered volumes of $14 billion giving it a market cap of now $44 billion. Its hashrate is also finally rising a little bit to 200 terahashes from about 180, with its price of $394 now potentially making it profitable for gamers. Which might mean nVidia and AMD could see some green too, as ethereum now nears the next resistance line at $420. We zoomed in a lot to show just how much movement there has been today, with $370 holding after some weekend shenanigans. This strong bounce back now might meet its test at $420 following rumors Musk has reached some deal to take it private. Recently, however, ethereum has passed through some resistance lines like nothing. The taking of $300 for example was less a battle and more bears just saying meh, this ain’t going anywhere, why bova. Disbelief is slowly…

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