Ethereum Nears $1,000

ethereum nears 1000 jan 2021

Ethereum rose to almost $980 today for the first time in precisely three years with it seeing a 20% daily gain and a market cap above $100 billion. After lagging behind bitcoin which reached $34,000, eth broke $800 and then $900 and now thinks of taking that $1,000. The currency has seen its ratio drop significantly, from 0.04 BTC ($1,324) during September to below 0.022 last week. Today however the ratio has seen one of its biggest jump, up from about 0.023 to a brief 0.029 bitcoins. The main reason for eth’s rise is probably because bitcoin is rising with no eth specific news recently, except that ethereum CME futures are finally to launch on Wall Street next month. The effects of that remain to be seen with it unclear whether they will be eventful at all, but it cements ethereum’s position as a serious crypto in addition to opening…

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