Ethereum Longs Near Two Million ETH

ethereum longs all time high july 2020

Ethereum longs have surpassed all time high, rising by another 50,000 eth since Monday to a new all time high. Bets on ethereum rising at just one exchange, Bitfinex, are now at more than 1.8 million eth as pictured above. They have been on a bull run since at least February when there were less than 500,000 eths longing, rising close to 4x since. Shorts in contrast are only at 180,000 eth, just 10% of longs, so indicating perhaps the market sentiment where it matters. For bitcoin longs have been up too, although no where near all time high which is close to 50,000 BTC, but have increased since Monday. The sentiment might be a bit more subdued in bitcoin as far as longs are concerned as the above chart looks quite different from the eth one. In eth it appears at least some people are convinced it is gone…

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