Ethereum Jumps to $3,200

ethereum new ath may 3 2021

The ethereum bull has been on the run overnight, rising without pause or reprieve to a new all time high of $3,200. That’s up by about 10% from $2,950, with much of this occurring during Shanghai and euro time in a reversal of sorts. It used to be Americans buy up and then the Chinese, as well as europeans, would sell overnight. Now it appears to be the reverse. As can be seen above, ethereum began moving at precisely midnight UTC. That’s 8 am in shanghai now with these changed times, and so eth goes on a charge. Then we can see above at about 7am UTC, you can tell Europe has woken up because the green candles get bigger. Now it’s NY time and they haven’t quite delivered, but the new level is being kept for now so, they at least kind of keeping up. Soon it will be…

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