Ethereum Google Searches Now Lower Than Even in 2016

usa ethereum google searches dec 2019

There are now less searches for ethereum on Google than during some weeks of 2016 when its price was just $20 at the then peak. According to Google Trends, ethereum searches have remained somewhat stable at 4 out of 100 except for a brief blip in October to 3 for USA as pictured above. That’s less than the 8 it reached in June 2016, or the 5 in May 2016 and the current 4 is same as in April 2016. Worldwide there’s a bit more interest at a stable 6 out of 100, but again that’s less than in June 2016 when it was at 7 and 8. It’s only that month, however, that is above current levels for worldwide interest. Unlike in USA where they cared more about ethereum than now for some three months three years ago. One reason for that might be they now know what ethereum…

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