Ethereum Goes on Christmas Sale

ethereum christmas 2020 768x405

Ethereum is 15% off this Christmas, with the price lowered from $670 to $570 while it lasts. Anticipating a big spending spree with last minute presents, ethereum is seemingly trying to frontrun other retailers by starting boxing day earlier. That’s to lighten a difficult year for many, especially in London where Christmas has not been cancelled as families will celebrate as they have every year the rise of light over darkness. There are some suggestions ethereum has taken this idea from bitcoin, and in particular 2016 bitcoin: Just as for bitcoin then, so too now ethereum has been rising since November, but on the 24th both were down. It’s easy to say that this time it was because of XRP, but bitcoin held its own, showing huge strength by not moving at all really and even gaining a bit at times. So why should eth be affected by XRP? Maybe…

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