Ethereum Fork to Give Free ATH, Meet AVA

emin gun sirer 1

“We need to show to the world that this area can overtake Wall Street and move it to a better foundation. It can overtake governments and move them to a better foundation. And most importantly can overtake corporations and business logic and make them trustworthy again.” That’s Emin Gün Sirer, professor of distributed systems at Cornell, introducing Avalanche (AVA), a new crypto protocol that is described as a platform for platforms. One such platform to run on AVA is athereum, a friendly fork which basically replicates the ethereum network, including all account balances and contracts, onto the new network. In many ways it’s similar to a chain-split where 1eth is equal to, in this case, 1 eth plus 1 ATH (athereum). There is no chain-split however, there’s no contention or anything, but everyone who has eth gets ath. The reason is because they want to showcase the new protocol which…

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