Ethereum Eyes $700

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Ethereum has taken $670, rising by about $100 from $580 since yesterday with the currency trailing bitcoin. It’s about halfway to the all time high of $1,420 now, even as bitcoin has surpassed it by about 20%. For eth however we might be nearing its biggest resistance until all time high, taking which would clear the way: Last time around here was the biggest fun because eth shot up all the way to $900, crashed to $494, then surged to $1,200. If it does that again, first there would be a crazy eth party on its way to $900, where we get to form a very nice cup. Then the rollercoaster down gives a nice handle, after which it’s party like ’99 to reking the bears if it plays by the book. Stakers are doing their part with more than $1 billion deposited to ethereum 2.0 where the sum only…

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