Ethereum Developers Approve EIP-1559 For July

ethereum devs call march 5 2021

After much public discussion and a call with miners, ethereum developers have approved the fee market EIP-1559 for inclusion in the next hardfork expected by July. In a devs call held today, not one ethereum developer expressed a view against EIP-1559, suggesting this will be included with full consensus among developers. The only part that courted discussion was whether the difficulty bomb delay should be packaged together with the EIP-1559 or should be separated. The devs decided in the end to include both together, with Hudson Jameson, the call’s chair, stating: “We’re all in agreement, rough consensus, for EIP-1559 and the difficulty bomb delay to go in for London.” ‘London’ is the stand alone hardfork for EIP-1559 with Tim Beiko stating the EIP should all be done by April, giving a few months for testing ahead of its inclusion in July. This coming fee fork is one of the biggest…

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