Ethereum Crosses $1,700

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Ethereum has risen above $1,700 for the first time, up from a low of $1,550 yesterday to currently trade at $1,715. Its credible volumes are maintaining an increased level of $7.7 billion while unfiltered volumes stand at $45 billion. The weekly candles moreover look quite a bit interesting because it seems to show a very nice cup and handle. A cup and handle is a very bullish technical indicator because after selling and selling, that stability for much of last year indicates no one was left to sell. Bulls thus try their luck, and at about $1,200 bears give it a try, sending the price briefly down to $900 and so giving us the handle. Alternatively you can take the price at $1,400, with its drop to $1,200 giving the handle to this gigantic cup. If we go by technical indicators alone, then the field is clear here for… well…

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