Ethereum Bulls and Bears Battle Over $500

ethereum takes 500

Ethereum bulls and bears have been engaging in the fiercest battle yet for the past three years. The episode began with bulls taking $488, to only see bears bringing it down to $482. A big charge sent it up to $492, but bears retorted with a big sell to about $484, which hardly lasted as bulls took down the 500 walls, some 7,000 eth just on Kraken. Bears didn’t give up, however, lowering eth’s price slightly to just below $500 as bulls now look in anger at that red. Interestingly, there seems to be a cup and handle of sorts on 15 minutes candles that was developed over the past two days. It’s not a great shape obviously, but we can see bears try and scare bulls at 6am UTC on November 18th. Bulls then just wait to see if bears have anything left, but they don’t so we get…

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