Ethereum Based Blockchain Satellite Set For Orbit

firefly aerospace alpha

The first blockchain based inter-satellite communication is to occur on low-Earth orbit after the launch of a Firefly Aerospace Alpha vehicle on November the 20th. The project is by Villanova University College of Engineering in collaboration with Teachers in Space, a non-profit, and it’s dubbed Serenity. A Proof of Authority ethereum based private blockchain is to be used for transactions between satellites in space without involving ground stations. “The primary implication of space blockchains is that blockchains can help usher in space commerce by allowing direct satellite-to-satellite transactions,” said Hasshi Sudler, an adjunct professor at Villanova who is leading this project. The satellite is booked for 30 days, 15 of which will be used by researchers to analyze transactions, while another 15 days will test volume handling. Sudler says: “Satellites holding unique data such as measurements of celestial events or of the Earth can transact that data with other satellites…

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