Ethereum Base-Layer Scalability “Still Years Away” Says Vitalik Buterin

vitalik buterin

Ethereum will not scale at the base layer (blockchain) for years, according to Vitalik Buterin, its co-founder. “Base-layer scalability for applications is only coming as the last major phase of eth2, which is still years away,” he said. Instead he proposes a full focus on second layer methods to the point of even suggesting once current eth goes fully Proof of Stake in phase 1.5, then it’s all done. Otherwise: “If you are not convinced to go ‘all the way’ on the ‘phase 1.5 and done’ direction, there is a natural compromise path to take: having a small number of execution shards (eg. 4-8) and many more data shards.” He suggests “layer 2 protocols should be built into the wallet” like metamask or status and we need more work on cross-L2 transfers. He effectively argues second layer methods can somehow become part of the protocol itself stating “eth1 clients could…

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