Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Now Good To Go

ethereum art july 31 2020

The ethereum 2.0 testnet has pretty much reached its goal of around 524,000 eth deposited to the smart contract. It is now good to go on August the 4th 2020 at around 1 to 2 PM London time when the genesis block of the ethereum 2.0 testnet goes live this Tuesday. So marking a key milestone after two years of much hard work by around 100 ethereum developers that will now showcase with circa 4 or 5 clients just what they have built. It took about a week to reach the minimum requirement of about 524,000 testnet eth, with this having main-net configuration. Meaning before the ethereum 2.0 genesis block launches this November, ‘ready or not’ according to Vitalik Buterin, some half a million eth will need to be sent to the deposit contract once it launches on the current ethereum Proof of Work (PoW) network. If it is just…

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