Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Launches Successfully

ethereum 2.0 testnet first block august 2020

The ethereum 2.0 testnet is live and running and very healthily so with all going very smoothly today including the pretty efficient time management of the livestream which gave us the above image. About 2,000 people were watching live at some point and more on the ethstaker discord with the ethereum 2.0 testnet genesis block launched. We think this is the genesis block because it has no parent root and because it’s called block zero with no easter candies here as far as we can see, but a lot of roots which we probably will become a lot more familiar with in the coming weeks and months. You can see there it has eth1 data, and there’s some guy called Randao as well (randomizer cryptography). The Graffiti is just the zero address when you switch to hex. That presumably can carry data, with no slashings here as you can see…

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