Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Breaks Into 4 Forks

ethereum 2.0 testnet 4 forks aug 2020

There are currently four or five major forks on the ethereum 2.0 testnet (pictured) following a bug that brought down Prysm nodes and the whole network. “We need to get all the clients to agree on the current head. It’s also causing sync havoc with peers joining claiming different views of the chain. There are range of edge cases and fixes we will be deploying thorughout the week to address all these,” Age Manning of Lighthouse says. “It jumps up and down all over the place… its like it can’t decide,” someone running the prysm client says with Nishant Das, a prysm dev, stating: “Yeah a lot of re-orgs.” “There are many different forks happening right nowand some nodes are stuck very far behind, so you get all these parent block requests to try and resolve it, but the major one is currently shown on eth2stats which has consensus between…

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