Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Already Has Reached 75GB

ethereum2.0 testnet archival node oct 2020

The two months old ethereum 2.0 testnet has already grown to the size of 75GB of data per node. That’s more than 20% of bitcoin’s data usage in its decade long processing of data and all within just weeks. Bitcoin has grown to 350 GB since its inception in 2009, while the ethereum 2.0 testnet is now already at 76 GB of data for an archive node. Ethereum’s blockchain has grown quicker than bitcoin’s at nearly 500 GB of size in just four years. That’s for the full ethereum node, which is the equivalent of bitcoin’s node in that both contain all history and for eth you can reconstruct the state. The ethereum 2.0 testnet node however is an archive node, meaning it is keeping the state at every state change. That’s something not necessary because a full node can reconstruct the state with the data it has. Yet, currently…

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