Ethereum 2.0 Merger Devnet Completes Successfully

ethereum merger devnet may 1 2021

The first full Proof of Stake (PoS) communication between different ethereum clients has completed successfully following the one day devnet dubbed Steklo. Teku, Lighthouse, Nimbus and Prysm took part from the eth 2 clients, as well as Geth, Besu and Nethermind eth1 clients. The devenet started fine for a few slots, but quickly fell into numerous forks with this being the very first attempt to get different clients to ‘talk.’ “The testnet is in quite an unstable state right now, and more a tool for devs to debug clients today. We’ll run more user-centric testnets in the coming weeks, once things stabilize enough,” said Diederik Loerakker, an eth 2 dev. Almost all clients had issues with Loerakker stating that “Lighthouse is building a separate chain from teku+nimbus, and prysm got stuck at genesis.” That is what you’d expect however from this pre-alpha, with it still a big step in getting…

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