Ethereum 2.0 Launch Pushed to January “At The Earliest”

danny ryan justin drake

The launch of ethereum 2.0 is now not to be expected before January 2021 according to an update by ethereum developers. “With Thanksgiving on November 26 and the December holidays I’d say the latest practical opportunity for genesis in 2020 is mid-November, 4 months from now. As such, I’m now inclined to say that the earliest practical date for genesis is something like January 3, 2021 (Bitcoin’s 12th anniversary),” said Justin Drake, an ethereum 2.0 developer. Before launch a full public testnet needs to run for three months, he said, and an incentivised “attack net” for 2-3 months. That is in addition to the public testnet which everyone can run and test, they are also to launch a stable testnet operated by client teams to invite people to break it with successful attacks receiving eth rewards. In addition Drake (pictured right) said there will be “a bug bounty program similar…

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