Ethereum 2.0 Dry Runs Chaotically

ethereum2.0 not finalizing sep 2020

Chaos is the best word to describe the atmosphere currently in some ethereum 2.0 client chats where users are reporting receiving numerous errors. Many of them seem to be user related technical failures like they haven’t set up the right flag for spadina, the name of the eth 2.0 dry run network. It appears however some have just simply not gone through with validating after depositing with these being worthless testnet eth. There have also been bugs and problems with Infura. A participant summarizes it as follows: “I think there are multiple issues: ‘Nothing at stake’, people may deposit and not run a validator; ‘technical difficulty’, not super-obvious how to to run on spadina not medalla; ‘technical issues’, all four clients had issues that could keep them from participating if not addressed. Outright bugs in all four, and a design choice/requirement in one that slows spinning one up down by…

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