Ethereum 2.0 Dry Run Finalizes

ethereum dry run spadina finalizes sep 2020

Spadina, a three days testnet intended to practice the launch of ethereum 2.0, has finalized and now seems to be running fine. After a dicey start, in part due to many who had deposited forgetting about it but also due to a small client bug, the network now seems to be in a good state. This quick finalization is quite different from the last time we saw a testnet not finalizing when it crashed back in August. Back then it took a week to get it back up and running. This time it took just 13 hours and even that was mainly because people have deposited worthless testnet eths, so they don’t have a massive incentive to do prompt validation. That suggests the dry run has gone a lot better than might have initially been thought because it illustrates finalization can be quickly reached after low participation. This will continue…

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