Ethereum 2.0 Deposits Near 200,000 ETH

eth 2.0 flooding deposits nov 2020

A flood of eth is making its way towards ethereum 2.0 as the countdown is now very much on with Vitalik Buterin, ethereum’s co-founder, participating again by sending 3,200 eth, making it a total of ◊6,400 so far. The stakers appear to be all sorts. There are those that are collecting their ◊1s and ◊5s from different addresses, those scalping the required ◊32 eth from defi platforms, dexes and cexes, the big whales machine gunning hundreds of transactions, and then you have those opening their cold storage of a few hundred eth untouched for years. Some 180,000 eth has been sent so far at the time of writing, with the sum seemingly increasing with every refresh. That makes it all closer to half way towards the finish line with still three days to go until Tuesday, the earliest by which this can meaningfully be met to launch on December 1st.…

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