Ethereum 2.0 Deposits Near 100,000 ETH

ethereum 2.0 depoists nov 16 2020

Close to 100,000 eth has been deposited to stake on the new ethereum 2.0 blockchain about two weeks after launch and with just one week left to go until the minimum of 524,000 eth needs to be met. According to blockchain analytics, the biggest deposit is 16,000 eth, meaning one address is running 500 validators. Some 8,000 eth is deposited by another address, with quite a few big deposits here that suggest some are considering this staking matter like a business. That’s because even if 10 million eth is deposited, or 10% of the total supply, you still receive about 5% a year in interest and in eth. So there could be passive income if proper risk management and hedging systems are put in place with the more eager stakers already having deposited 95,000 eth at the time of writing. This eth currently earns nothing. It is just waiting for…

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