Ethereum 2.0 Deposits Accelerate

ethereum 2.0 staking deposits nov 20 2020

More eth has been deposited to the new Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain today than in the past five days combined. Just 3,000 eth was deposited yesterday, and the day before just 4,000 eth with November 16th seeing a meager 2,000 eth deposited as pictured above. Today however it is nearing 22,000 eth in deposits, up from ◊107,000 yesterday to nearly ◊129,000. That’s still some way to go until the minimum of ◊524,000 eth, but then there’s still some way to go until Tuesday. This acceleration however is a good sign because this is the biggest single day of deposits (and counting), suggesting the theory that things will pick up nearer November 24th may well be right. People so far may have still been testing on the just launched testnet and for big deposits, like one today of some ◊7,000, complex systems might need to be set up with their…

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