Ethereum 2.0 Client Secures Audit, Testnet Next Week

sigma prime lighthouse nov 2019

Sigma Prime’s Lighthouse has announced they have selected Trail of Bits to audit their codebase in January. “We have selected and confirmed Trail of Bits as the firm who will be auditing the Lighthouse codebase. We expect this to start in January 2020 and look forward to working with such a highly reputable team,” Lighthouse said. The security review was funded through Moloch DAO, a decentralized organization focused on raising funds for eth development. Some $40,000 was raised with 568 votes in favor and none against in one of the biggest grant of the kind through the platform. Making this audit one of the last step before the ethereum 2.0 genesis block this spring, starting with a public testnet which Lighthouse says should be out next week. They say: “Over the last month, we have been working on building out the necessary features for a long-lasting public testnet. These include,…

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